Nightvault Garrek's Reavers

We present you Warhammer Underwolds warband, which is painted on highest level and ready to play. They can be your new warband!

We painted only few sets of this guys and they are avaible only as long as stock last.

Product Details

  • Warband of five beautifully painted models
  • Miniatures are sealed and ready to play
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Cards Included
  • 30 Days Return Policy, 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Others Are Saying

The models were simply amazing!

Had them do a cryx army in the standard theme and it looks incredible. This is simply the best miniature studio. I will be ordering more.

- Orleans Gac

These guys are awesome!

The Trollblood War Wagon is mine. They are priced great, especially given the quality of their work.

- Keaton Goforth

The result was excellent and beyond to be honest. 

I really think the models came out better than i had imagined them to be and you really managed to make the idea come to life.

- Jussi Utunen